Biography of 
Prof Maimoona Murtaza Malik aka
Maimoona Shaheen Ahmad:-
Professor Maimoona Murtaza Malik is the daughter of Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (shaheed).
Professor Maimoona helped her father write the following books:
(1) Khutbat.e.haram
(2) Wajood.e.Bari tala
(3) Tauheed
She delivered the following Lecture series in Urdu which are available on DVD (among countless other talks on various channels):
"Adaab-e-Dua"  "Paigham-e-Quran"
"Naamwar Muslim Khawateen"
"Aamna ka laal" "Seerat-un-Nabi"
"Islam mein Aurat ka Qirdaar"
"Achay aur Buray Akhlaq"
"Tazkiya-e-Nafs" "Tarbiyat'e'Aulad"
Furthermore, She has been appointed as the President for Interfaith Harmony in KSA, by the current government in Pakistan. She has also served as the Vice Principal of Pakistan International School, Riyadh for many years and as the Head of Qiraat in the college dept of the same school. Moreover, she served as the head of dept for Arabic and Islamic Studies for 19 years. She is currently the President of Riyadh Ladies Group for religious activities run by the organization. The Professor has completed the entire word-word translation of the Quran and it's tafsir once in three of her darse groups in Riyadh and has started her second round. She is also the author of the book titled: "Adaab-e-Dua".​

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