Biography of
Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Zaid Malik:-
DR. MUHAMMAD ZAID MALIK, the eldest son of Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik is an Assistant Professor at King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a well-rounded scholar with extensive international work and living experience. Equally fluent in English, Arabic and Urdu, with deep understanding of and exposure to Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Significant teaching experience at various universities and colleges in the United States and Pakistan. Extensive public media exposure, delivering talks on Islam and conducting inter-faith dialogue. Holding a law degree, two master degrees (one in Arabic Language and Literature and the other in Islamic Studies) and Ph.D. from the Department of Arabic (in Hadith), University of the Punjab, Lahore. Books Written:-

1-Demons Magic and the Evil Eye 

2-Qur’an Asan (Easy Qur’an, a book in Urdu, Co-authored with Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza and Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Malik 

3-Jin Jadu aur Insaan (Jinn, Magic and the Human Beings, a book in Urdu, Pages 265, Published 1998 in Pakistan).

4-Translation of book (Existence of God and Monotheism by Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik), from Urdu to Arabic.

Biography of
Alim Bilal Murtaza Malik aka
Imam Muhammad Bilal Malik.

Imam Bilal Malik is currently a resident scholar at an Islamic Center in Maryland, after having served as an Imam in those in Orlando, Florida and Virginia during the past 12 years. He is a scholar well-versed in Fiqh. He has also delivered lectures on television on the Tajweed of Quran and word for word translation of the Quran prior to the year 2005. Since then he has been regularly delivering talks in English at various Islamic Centers within the U.S. Imam Bilal's elder brother, Dr. Muhammad Zaid Malik, was his Quran teacher under whose supervision the former memorized 18 Ajzaa (chapters of holy Quran). Imam Bilal completed the entire memorization at the age of ten. He was 12 years old when he obtained his first “Ijazah”  (permission/authority to teach and authenticate ahadith) from his father's teacher, Molana Abdur Rasheed Noumaani (Rahmatullah Alaih). Many have reverted back to Islam at his hands in the U.S. over his years of preaching Alhamdulillah.

Biography of
Prof Maimoona Murtaza Malik aka
Maimoona Shaheen Ahmad:-

Professor Maimoona Murtaza Malik is the daughter of Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (shaheed).

Professor Maimoona helped her father write the following books:
(1) Khutbat.e.haram
(2) Wajood.e.Bari tala
(3) Tauheed
She delivered the following Lecture series in Urdu which are available on DVD (among countless other talks on various channels):
"Naamwar Muslim Khawateen"
"Aamna ka laal"
"Islam mein Aurat ka Qirdaar"
"Achay aur Buray Akhlaq"
Furthermore, She has been appointed as the President for Interfaith Harmony in KSA, by the current government in Pakistan. She has also served as the Vice Principal of Pakistan International School, Riyadh for many years and as the Head of Qiraat in the college dept of the same school. Moreover, she served as the head of dept for Arabic and Islamic Studies for 19 years. She is currently the President of Riyadh Ladies Group for religious activities run by the organization. The Professor has completed the entire word-word translation of the Quran and it's tafsir once in three of her darse groups in Riyadh and has started her second round. She is also the author of the book titled: "Adaab-e-Dua".

Bismillah Hirah Manir Raheem:> Assalamualaikum to all visitors of this site! This website aims to compile the dedicated efforts of the renowned Islamic Scholar Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (Shaheed) & his offspring who are upholding his legacy. His mission was to spread religious knowledge & confer the teachings of our beloved Creator Allah (SWT) & the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)  with humility and to their best possible abilities. Their valuable services will regularly be uploaded here. 
Inn Sha ALLAH. May all viewers benefit.

If my Nana jaan, was among us today, he would have said to me Shabash in reality rather a Dream! 

​My grandfather, Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (Shaheed) was a PhD in Islamic Philosophy and Metaphysics.

​He obtained his Masters degree in Philosophy from Government College in Lahore as well as his Masters in Arabic from The Punjab University. After passing his CSS exams, he was appointed as a grade 20 CSP government official in Pakistan, where he served that position for fourteen years.

Throughout this period, he did justice to his rank by actively contributing to the education and religion sector, having initiated non-profit educational trusts, schools and degree colleges. Upon completion of this period, he resigned in order to serve Islam fully. He  earned several diplomas in Islamic Fiqh and was appointed as the Head of Shariat Department in Jamiah Islamia (University) in Madinah Munawwarah.

Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza lived up to his reputation of hard work and religious devotion to seek and spread knowledge, which earned him the honor of membership of the Saudi Shoora Council.

Having authored many books in both Urdu and English languages, he has written a Tafsir of the Quran in Urdu titled "Anwaar-e-Quran" as well as books in English, namely, 'Socioeconomic  System in Islam' and  'Islam and the Welfare State', among others.

​He regularly delivered talks on Islam in the light of comparative religion and social issues on various platforms. He has appeared as a guest speaker on several television channels as well as conducted lectures during live congregations and regularly delivered Friday 
sermons in mosques globally.

He has delivered lectures in English, Arabic and Urdu in the U.S. Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Iran, Germany and Pakistan, respectively.

His talks on various Islamic topics turned him into a respected personality, especially among the moderate Sunnis & Shia.

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Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (Shaheed) has 8 children: 4 sons and 4 daughters. All of his children have obtained at least their Masters degrees in Islamic Studies and Arabic. They were raised for a significant portion of their childhood in Madinah Munawarah, Saudi Arabia, where three of his sons memorized the Quran and taught it. Further in the course of life, all his children relocated to different regions globally (U.S, Canada, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia), where they are currently endorsed in the academic fields of teaching Quran, Hadith and Arabic at both College and University levels.  As well as delivering sermons at Islamic Centers and on television, both nationally and internationally.

Individual biographies of the scholars among his offspring are also stated.