Biography of 
Alim Bilal Murtaza Malik aka 
Imam Muhammad Bilal Malik.
Imam Bilal Malik is currently a resident scholar at an Islamic Center in Maryland, after having served as an Imam in Orlando, Florida and Virginia during the past 12 years. He is a scholar well-versed in Fiqh. He has also delivered lectures on television on the Tajweed of Quran and word for word translation of the Quran prior to the year 2005. Since then he has been regularly delivering talks in English at various Islamic Centers within the U.S. Imam Bilal's elder brother, Dr. Muhammad Zaid Malik, was his Quran teacher under whose supervision the former memorized 18 Ajzaa (chapters of holy Quran). Imam Bilal completed the entire memorization at the age of ten. He was 12 years old when he obtained his first “Ijazah”  (permission/authority to teach and authenticate ahadith) from his father's teacher, Molana Abdur Rasheed Noumaani (Rahmatullah Alaih). Many have reverted back to Islam at his hands in the U.S. over his years of preaching Alhamdulillah.​

​Surah Al Baqarah Verse #215 to #221 by my mamu jan Hafiz Imam Bilal Malik

Surah Younus #54 to #70 by my Mamu Jan Imam Bilal Malik​

Topic: مرنے کے بعد ہر شخص کے تین مختلف مقام
Topic: Stressing of Mu’amalat over Ibaadat
Topic: Spending in the Path of Allah by abdullahshaheenmadni
Topic: Slavery in Islam by Imam Bilal Malik from abdullahshaheenmadni

Important BayanaaT by Mamu jan Imam Bilal Malik regarding Dua, Political System of Islam, Hazrat Abu Bakar (r.a.),  Shirk, Ruling of Islam, and More. Please Watch & Share

Message of Quran by one of my great teachers, my Mamu Jan Imam Bilal Malik​

Legacy of Prophet Muhammad (SallalaaHi Wa Alayhi Sallam) by Imam Bilal Malik​

Building Up a Muslim Community in the United States by Imam Bilal Malik​

Some Very Important Bayans by my Mamu Jan Hafiz Imam Bilal Malik

This message was given just days after his father's shahadat, my nana jaan, on the completion of his program Surah Inaam by Mamu Hafiz Dr Zaid Malik

Quran Parhna Seekhiyay by Hafiz Imam Muhammad Bilal Malik ​

Darood Shareef ki Khasiyat (in Urdu) by Imam Bilal Malik ​

Tafseer of Surah Fatiha by Hafiz Imam Muhammad Bilal Malik ​

Surah Bani IsraeL #61-70 by Imam Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Malik

Holy Month of Ramzaan by Imam Bilal Malik 

Imam Bilal Malik is currently the Imam in a masjid in Frederick, Maryland. In his congregation there are on average 600 to 700 people that pray behind him on any given Friday. He has 2 sons and 2 daughters. He is fluent in Arabic, Urdu.

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